Memories Untold

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Author Diamondeye
Tags author:diamondeye collab krashio krashio-diamondeye rated
Created 2009-09-25
Last Modified 2009-09-25
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description A collab between me and Krashio []. The tileset was made beforehand my him, and can be found here []

RCE, thank you. I would be glad to see demos, both speedruns and AGDs - and criticism is always welcome too, ofcourse.

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Also, the tileset looked pretty nasty. Could have been done better.

We're sinking!

And I'm off for two days with no internet. Cya, peoples!
Just out of curiosity, which enemies would you think fits the craggy tileset better? A mix of chainguns and Gauss?

This map is average.

Agree with apse about the drones. Virtually a non-threat. The rockets weren't suited well to the craggy tileset and the gold was pedestrian.

Since NUMA doesn't allow a rating of 2.5/5, which would be 'average', it's a toss-up between 2 and 3. Hard to decide.


Personally, I love the rockets/tiles/mines/gold/switches/oneways, the drones were a kind of late add-on because a couple of areas were a little blank. Also, the left Floorguard isn't exactly awe-inspiring. But I would definately not call it 'annoying overall'.

Then again, to each his own taste. Glad you took the time to look at the map, at least, Apse.


looked decent, but was annoying overall. the drones were utterly useless as well.