Flight X32_B is going down

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Author brainstone
Tags action author:brainstone featured rated
Created 2009-10-14
Last Modified 2009-10-14
by 43 people.
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Description OH NO!

Collab with schaaaf. xD

This map was featured on 2010-12-09

Lets get all post-modern here.

Is Flight X32_B a good map? See the hyper-realistic creation of such a map incurs some idea that there is essentially objective truth in what you or I think of such a map; i.e. Good or bad. But essentially - there isn't. Brainstone's own reality and internalized preconceptions of Flight X32_B differ from yours or my own, so therefore there are an infinite number of equally valid 'viewpoints' of this map.

What does this mean? I cannot ever convince you that this map is good – But fuck that; I know this is absolutely amazing.

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Amazing tileset!

I also love the starting mechanic, and the overall theming, though the bottom area is a little too awkward and frustrating imo.


This is an amazing collab. The tiles are great, and the gameplay was overall perfect! 5/5 and faved! Also, I loved your map pack!
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I'd say that superstardomx needs to spend some time on IRC with us.


i just realized that was a plane

those tiles

are beyond sex


cool map
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I already had this faved :D

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Congrats on the feature, both of you. Sick tileset.
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I really need to say, that schaaaf did the beatiful plain and I broke the wing, edited the clouds and added objects.


hah!!! now ive got a half featured map^^


Really really nice map.

I can't believe how the tiles and gameplay fit so incredibly well together...Amazing! Excellent feature.

5 aved

damn it loock good..

.... and schaaaf. :P



love that review ssX_

hah! Knew this would get featured. Gratz brainstone ^^


map =]


yea noticed it xD.
ive already played till the swamp map :]


das Flugzeug stürzt ab xD =)



very very nice tileset!

du kannst natürlich dazu schreiben so bei den credits colab (tiles/design)unteranderm mit schaaaf blablablaubb yaddayaddayadda wer dir da eben noch so hilft :] das würd mir reichen xD wennde wilz machich dir auch noch iwie n tileset :] hab schon lang keine burgmap mehr gemacht das einzige mal warn flopp []
falls du iwie icq oder so möchtest nur sagen^^


yea i have >.<
but i thought i wrote some comment >.<
^^ beautiful
nobody had used this tiles better than u xD


very cool. favorited.
Tileset is beautiful, the gameplay was fun, and the trap doors were a nice touch. 4.5/5 and faved.
Overall really good tiles though.

Gameplay not as good. Still, worthy of a 3.5 at least in my opinion.

Good job! ^_^

yeah, tiles

are awesome. need to see a lot more of this. faved 5/5

yeah, tiles

are awesome. need to see a lot more of this. faved 5/5


nice tile set :) 4/5. map could be better.... soz

5aved for tiles.