off to the clouds

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Author I_am_unknown
Tags author:i_am_unknown playable rated
Created 2009-11-02
Last Modified 2009-11-02
by 7 people.
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Description first map in ages....had to stop due to i'm back...please enjoy oh and rate and comment too

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thank you

for your quick answer. I realised now, that you already had taken part in the poll, because the number of votes stayed the same while they were differently distributed than before...
waiting for your next map (pack) to criticise,


yeah, you definitely have made some progress, I also would call that your best map so far...
even the "flow" wasn't too good, I felt there was much less "interruption" due to tileset or whatever...
not flawless, but very good

p.s. thanks for your feedback, but there came up two questions:
Would you tell me which rating each map would have got? - because I can't really make out how good you like it just out of your comment.
Would you also take part in the poll, please?
I've been losing my mapmaking skills a bit, I don't know why.




Sweeticated map, love the tileset and where the gold was.
Probably your best map yet...



a meh

speed run...I like the map though
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Demo Data


thanks means a lot to me

Yea welcome back

happy to see a new map from you and this one was in a better legue then ur old maps :)

Its a fun map

i love the game play and i can see u have thought about creating a tileset where it soots the game play which is nice. A few things u could improve on though to help u is that i didnt like the ending because it wastes time getting a key to get another key when theres no challenge involved. also to make the map look nicer u could add a few mines in places u cant go to other wise it looks abit plane to look at which is what i found, really liked the tileset and challenges in this map though :) GJ 4
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cool tiles
Demo Data

Different than most of your maps. I like it, especially tileset.
And hey, good to see you back! ; )