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Author powerblip
Tags action author:powerblip hard intense playable puzzle unrated
Created 2009-11-09
Last Modified 2009-11-09
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Map Data

Description I'd like to play a game.

You have been a thieving, lying, and cheating ninja since the day you were born. I will help you.

In the glass containers before you is the key to your freedom. But in some there is also the key to your death.

If you survive this task, then I will test your ability to handle stress. In the glass bottles hanging from the roof are keys, three of them open the three doors. Beware, as the room will begin to be electrocuted with each door you open.

After having completed this, you will make your way to the room with five locks on the exit door. You must find a way to release them, but be cautious, as some keys open the doors to your doom.

Here is a helpful hint: One key for each limb, and your torso.

Once you have passed this test of truth, and knowledge, I will expect you to surrender all acts of haste, as they may lead to your unwilling death in this next room. Merely activate the doors, but be careful, if you move too fast, you will die.

Finally, there is a chamber with a glass coffin. If you enter this coffin, you will be safe. If you do not find a way to shoot yourself into that box, you will not survive. You will fail.

Make your choice, Live or Die.

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I know, thx 4 the comment btw. I was aiming for more accuracy to the movie, not tryin to get a favorite or anything like that lol. Someone RATE and Comment please!
but it was pretty accurate to the movie. Cool stuff.


I really like this map. I think I got about as close as you can to the movie.

Kudos to whoever lists the five "SAW V" traps I portrayed in this map.


btw I saw SAW VI in theaters, it was awesome!