You're On Their Turf Now

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Tags action author:zthing nreality rated rockydrone zmap zreality
Created 2009-11-13
Last Modified 2009-11-13
by 10 people.
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Description Yep, I made another N-Reality map. Modded chainguns and a rocky drone. I will be impressed by all AGD's and any speedruns. Maybe you wanna take 5 minutes out of your life to look at some of my other N-Reality maps. []


Requires N-Reality

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I like it.

fair enough

why leave after your 100th map?


Im going to Deslist confinement and fix it completely, then repst it, sound good?


on my map, "confinement", you said it was not possible, but it is, see when i made it, all the doors glitched and you could not go through them, so before I posted it, I fixed the door on the left, I figured it would make it a bit tougher.. I just didnt realise people would jump to conclusions, but yes it is possible, just use teh door on the left.

tis done

what does ttyl mean?

what about

cut off from the rest


i agree i like yours way better shall i submit or you?


i dont think ive seen it :( could you send again please again really sorry

oh right well

yea i really like your idea but it needs a doora and switch sorry i been away so i forgot stuff :(


is the map i thought i did better at obect placement (probably not) here it please edit

I would

absolutely be honored to

wanna collab?

Hey Zthing

If you want help with Image maps:

It's meant for Photoshop I think, but it's what you use with every imaging program.



i think that rocky drone is high
Demo Data


Demo Data

Nice job everyone. Glad you all enjoyed it.

yeah i tried for about 30 min to finish it but the farthest i got was to the chainguns after i got the key :(

get it :D

not maxed AGD
Demo Data
but nice 4/5 - trying to get a full AGD
Demo Data

nice work

After a

lot of effort, i completed your level. good use of chainguns and mines. i always died in last part 4/5
Demo Data

thank you devo

plays well, nice use of mods 4/5