Umbrella Corporation

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Author shadow93kangaroo
Tags author:shadow93kangaroo evil image mod nreality rated resident
Created 2009-11-23
Last Modified 2009-11-23
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description ded to RESIDENT EVIL - N Reality needed -

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image maps I've seen


to all :)
as you can imagine, i like resident evil

Very fun :)

cheated but slow...
Demo Data

thanks to zthing

edit: red ninja

could be,

but a map where you can't see the ninja run around in is no good map, I'd say.
, top left is unneeded too.
did not notice, that there is a gap in system of map :P
i'll fix it
and if i would know how to change colour of N in the map data i had done it - maybe anyone could help?
but I found the top right a little hard and its very cheat-able. Also annoying you can't see what is going on with a black ninja so you have to go into config to change colour.
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that is cool looks crap in thumbnail no offence but it plays great 5 again


it's not lacking on my PC...

The map is hosting "Lag-Fest '09"


simply brilliant. 4/5 :)
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