CastleVania 3 Level 9: Gallery of Agony

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv3 ded medium unrated wbc
Created 2009-11-25
Last Modified 2009-11-25
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Description Sonia stumbled into the short hallway which mad up this new wing she had entered. Pictures of people suffing grotesque difigurements hung on all the wall. As she gazed at the endless rows of them she realized, "These are Dracula's victims."

Had fun with this level, I particularly like the drone section which at times can be like a prisoner map. This map has two paths one of which is obviously easier than the other.

Demos greatly appreciated, and remember to please comment and rate this map if you play it. Also a DED is available to whoever post the first demo of them getting the two golden crosses!

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Brilliance. The drone path was spectacularly set up ( Insanely hard however, I cheapskated it * Wink * ), and the rest had no flaws whatsoever.

5/5 :D
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I'm not really tempted to agd it, though, I only really enjoyed getting the gold in the rocket section. Should you continue the the cv's? Well, I haven't played this third series, as I took a break from numa for a little while, so I can't judge it. I mean, personally I think you should make the maps you like. I'm on no one's favorite authors list (as far as i'm aware) but I rarely make I map I don't like, so I'm not planning on changing my "style" (do I have one lol?) anytime soon. But if you were looking for my opinion on how good these are then... I can't say they're great. Sometimes I think they can be pretty bad, other times pretty good. Perhaps finish this 3rd series and stop for a while, making singular maps, just to see how you like it? I don't think I could do a series, as all my maps tend to end up pretty different from each other (Unless you count my crazyraces as a series). Therefore I might be biased against series, in the same way I don't like mappacks and buying albums; I need variation! Anyway, feel free to get a second opinion. Completion demo:
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crumpet day?
with no european influence

lol least i think