Marshmallow Pillow

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Author Wizard2
Tags author:wizard2 featured rated scarlet
Created 2009-11-25
Last Modified 2009-11-25
by 19 people.
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Description Inspired by SkyPanda.

This map was featured on 2009-12-19

I've had a few pretty shitty days in a row, and a Marshmallow Pillow sounds like just the thing to eat/sleep on when in doubt. Contrary to it's name, however, Marshmallow Pillow is actually unforgiving and hard, but never so hard that you won't want to have another snuggle. With some pretty unique manouevres and stylised areas, Marshmallow Pillow is definitely out of the ordinary. I guarantee you won't fall asleep while playing it! — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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slow agd
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I love simplicity and fun jumping action. 5aved.

Thank you, everyone, and you're no bother, Onesevennine; I kinda got myself banned from using the computer for a while.
the fookin tiles are fookin awesome tho.

2nd try agd (died on the first set a mines on the first)
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Interesting feature. I really like this map. It is definately out of the ordinary, but in a good way. Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame. 4/5
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this is awweessoommme
didn't even notice it was up until too late.


this is really awesome.


This was so spudz/tortuga mappish.


The end with the mines was reaaaaaaally close. XD
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I like your style a lot.
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Fastest AGD yet

Coll map.
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congratz Wizard2 on your 3rd feature

Fun map

except the door is hard to get to :(

Good 4/5
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very cool

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i see a face

in the middle tiles!


this map has portinzial to a featured
have very fun


I like the atmosphere a lot, SkyPanda's influence is crystal clear.
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I think you're guilty.

Very flowy and very fun. Lots of big jumping and a lot of room to move around in. faved.


like marshmellows..

Slow AGD.

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