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Author Meatpuppet
Tags action author:meatpuppet unrated
Created 2009-11-29
Last Modified 2009-11-29
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Description it really did

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Hey Meatpuppet,

I finished my 200th map [] and I would be honored if you would take look at it sometimg.
I need a playtester, and I need a playtester I KNOW can beat any level. So I would like to ask you to contact me when your un-disabled so that I may link you the level.
FOR THE (about) 5TH TIME!

Well back to meta_oink and meta_oinka


Forgive me, I did not intend my post to be quite that abrupt. I was merely trying to point out that many people have what are known amongst forum users and Youtube viewers as "comment wars", much like we are having now. I might have been a little too laid back by throwing in the "LOL This is hilarious." You are right, by doing so, it makes me most immature. I apologize. I just believe that people get too offended nowadays across the internet, that's all. I was not trying to be better than anyone.
P.S. I'd appreciate it if you didn't link back to our discussion on my maps, thank you. I'll check back later to see if anyone has a response.

Back to map-making....
is... they are hard. Not just hard, because anyone can make a difficult map. BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE EPICLY HARD!
and having a pessimistic view on life doesn't mean you need to grow up; it's just that yelling at other people just because you're pessimistic is immature.

And quite frankly, by saying "LOL this is hilarious", you're trying to act like you're better than anyone who's arguing, and that in turn makes you the most immature of all.


This is hilarious. Everyone letting their egos get in the way, and duking it out via text on a videogame map archive website. I think that if someone is being an ass to someone over the internet, or having a pessimistic view of life, then they need to grow up and everyone else should probably just ignore it.

BTW This map was rather hard, I did not enjoy the game flow. Tileset is decent. 2/5
and if you're going to be cynic, that's fine, but don't force that on other people; it's just not right to do so.

As for collabing, I don't collab anymore. This isn't anything against you; I really don't collab anymore (you can ask ChrisE and rd and others who have asked).

As long as you're not being an ass to other people, I don't have a problem with you :)
you critiqued the first CVII level. and then asked me to play your newest level. And Maxson, most of us may not have a feature, but in some cases we out do you. We're just waiting to be discovered.


my maps continually get better feedback, and I have a feature for a reason (though I'll be the first to admit that cp should've picked a different map of mine, most people agreed that I deserved a feature). I'm not trying to be arrogant, but I'm not going to sell myself short.

I will say this: your recent maps are very respectable, and we would still be friends if you'd lose this ultra-pessimistic view of the world and people that you seem to have adopted :/

I did?

Please tell me how? I would find the answer most interesting.
I don't mind getting insulted.
I think I've turned out as an Ok mapper.


is this even possible?


it hurt me spleen.