Galleon - taste test

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel flowy ship tastetest tileset unrated
Created 2009-12-06
Last Modified 2009-12-06
Map Data

Description An example of this [] map.
It is a great bitesized tileset that needs more attention. My version is just a little taste of it; I know that someone can make a fantastic map out of this...
Go on, have an attempt!!!!!!
It's very flowy and might even make a good race map, but that's up to YOU.

Enjoy this map, it's here to stay!

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Demo Data

whats going on?

why don't you submit our collab?? xD
i think it is ready


another suggestion. ill keep it in mind. ;D

thanks for the link

to purple ^^


Is a twat.
Demo Data

This will

probably become a series of somesort...
(of reveiws, that is)

I like the wall of door keys