Erik the Reptile

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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol erik-player featured rated retile
Created 2009-12-07
Last Modified 2009-12-07
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Retile, thanks to Erik [] for the objects. Did this several times, finally hit on this version as the one with the most inventive gameplay. (southpaw was the third wheel. :D)

This map was featured on 2019-02-09

A retile is a special type of collaboration that takes more explaining than I can fit into this feature. [] It is a simple concept, however, that is much more difficult to execute than one would think. Many maps are made fluidly, with tiles and objects changing together. The rigidity of retiling allows an author to flex their skills and find innovations they would not have thought of before. I'm not sure that flagmyidol found any new ideas in this map but the way it plays feels like it could have been an original. Speaking of originals... [] — origami_alligator

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dumb question, does anyone know how I can get N on my newer Mac? I miss it

i remember this

a really cool map


Demo Data

Fun map

the emptiness inside is an interesting setup have a completion
Demo Data

Why the cunt have you not been featured yet? I should complain. You should complain. Someone should complain.
really? u keep posting on numa, but you are never on gmail
i have literally been on all day

let's collab,

right here, right now!

I see

alot of speed demos incoming

I think

you're getting immune to one-ways


di-unt like teh objectz

Wanna join? Accepted answers; Yes/yes/fuck yes.
that rocket is a bitch going to the left. ;_;

I'm sorry, flag.

I'm just fed up with people complaining about reviews and Featured Maps that I decided it was best to silence everyone, even the people I probably agree with.

Hopefully you /can/ forgive me someday. D:

i don't think i'd care so much about losing or being proven wrong (i dont feel i have, mind you, i've just given up for the time being), but the way they do it is just so humiliating. i wish i wasnt the only one here who knew how to debate with a little class, with the exception of atob.

"you're a douc--, you're a di--head, nobody likes you, start your own archive, *hilarious PALEMOON image*, dont take things so seriously, shut up"

everyone around here is such a total b--ch, excuse me for acting as a concerned citizen and trying to patch up the many flaws in the system. i don't even know if you're on my side anymore, or if you ever were. i just hate everyone here.

anyway, []

wait wait wait

Is this a clever play on the movie title, "Erik the Viking"
because I think it is.

Guyth. I didn't do the fucking objecths.

I wish.

It's from a game called Machinarium [].

Death demo.

Demo Data

Kinda fun...

Honestly, I'm not into the amount of homing launchers there were. And some of the tiles just seemed awkward to play on. But it was fine.

Pretty bad demo.

Nice rocket dodging action.
Demo Data


didn't have much choice.

cool one

i really love the stark centre area.