Abstract Cliff

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Author hoohah2x2sday
Tags action author:hoohah2x2sday featured hooha playable rated
Created 2009-12-09
Last Modified 2009-12-09
by 21 people.
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Description A quick map. Some nice routes I can think of.

This map was featured on 2010-05-06

Boy do I want to live in that house. It just doesn't get any better than that. A virtual Eden: seagulls, caves for adventure purposes, buried fucking treasure? Yep, that's all I want in life; a cute little chimney, shade in my front yard and an insane beachside view.

This map emphatically answers the question of where and how ninjas retire, and I am jealous. — flagmyidol

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sorry i haven't been mapping much lately..

You made one here.

That semi-colon should be a colon as it precedes a list (just like the one you used before it).

Oh oh.

Hoohah is bloody amazing.


One of the things I didn't like about this review was the profanity, but it didn't function without. As for the comma, I'm a journalist and we adhere to AP style. I did here by habit. In proper English there would indeed be a comma.

(I haven't made a grammatical error in a review yet, and by God I won't! :P)
with the pause there.

/end spam


you're missing a comma in between 'yard' and 'and'.

*uh oh atob, did you go there?!*

Serial Comma []

Which, apparently, is debatable, but I like its use for disambiguation.
But aside form that it's good.

Nice to see another hooha feature, the guy has some great maps and this is one of them.
Usually highscorers flood to speedrun such a thing.


I'm pretty sure you know this by now. Nreality subs highscore runs as speed runs, so the frame counts of my long-ass AGD's will appear on the speed runs list. This means that any noob can achieve a *, so long as there are and least 10 submissions and their speed run is faster than the fastest AGD. At times this can be a good thing, but typically, it's not. Which is why I made up my mind to 0th the speed runs as well.
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Littlest AGD

now I'm done.
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he motivated me to improve my AGD to a sub-500.
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God knows why so many people have *s on this on NReality speedrun mode. At least 10 frames can be taken off my demo.
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sweet map,

and a review to match (despite flag's opinion)

The trees

are doing a very good job at holding the cliff edge together.

nicely made.

nicely made...

First Try AGD :D

everything was nice and perfect.
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I like the review

especially the end. Nice map too, though the top gauss should've been placed lower and more to the right imo.

i like the map...

i just... like it
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I hated this review. :/

Littler AGD.
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nice work

really fun. 5/5 rated
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Better AGD

not sure what 'little' means.
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Little AGD.

5aved, and this is maybe your best map. I can't really explain how well that first bit went down.
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This map oozes style. Absolutely brilliant. <3

so the

relisting is complete. 10 out of 79 maps remain



im probly

gunna relist that one


i was asking why you delisted that one :/


because i really hate most of my maps. ill relist the ones i dont hate eventually
I've been on a hot streak lately


wrong. But you can think that lol.

what makes it even worse lol is this was a "quick map" for you. damn i'd hate to see how much better you are then me if you put in some time xD


i'm sure you're maps are fine :)


its head and shoulders..... and torso and legs, and feet, and another head and shoulders..... above anything i can/have make/made