A house that once upon a time may or may not have had a roof

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Author Izzy
Tags action author:izzy outdo postq race rated
Created 2010-01-04
Last Modified 2010-01-04
by 8 people.
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Description An epic race through times of modernism

ardee and squibs tried hard.

<&squibbles> I bet I can out postmodern you.
<Izzy> Oh fuck.
<&squibbles> Ardee, want in?
<Izzy> Wanna go?
<&squibbles> yeah
<&squibbles> I want a challenge
<&squibbles> this is it
<&squibbles> RandomDigits?
<~RandomDigits> .
<&squibbles> allright
<~Random- quote ends here.

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thanks for agreeing with me 5/5

Never been a fan of this "kind" of race.

Oh, I did it :D

I think...
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i wouldn't call this a race...

Flow demo

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What. The. Fuck.

I considered going back for that other gold. But, nah.
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