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Author Wizard2
Tags action author:wizard2 cheddar cheese collab seventhspirit unrated
Created 2010-01-05
Last Modified 2010-01-05
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Description A collaboration between Wizard2 and SeventhSpirit [].

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felt dull. the bottom right was the highlight of the map, along with the tiles.

[Death demo]

Alternative route.
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I would also like to say that I enjoyed the tiles.


I kinda posted the exact same thing as script, but I didn't refresh the page so I didn't see it. :(

I like.

The enemies /did/ work effectively. My only concern was the seeker drone, but that's not much to worry about. It was just a little nuisance, that's all. Especially near to the exit. But, it's no biggie.

Overall, great map.
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that seeker was slightly too annoying, maybe a regular drone would've been better.
felt very flowy in areas, and OH GOD I LOVED THE END
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thanks for posting it XD
I was out for a while