Indiscreetly obvious

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Author Diamondeye
Tags action author:diamondeye highscoring speedrun unrated
Created 2010-01-06
Last Modified 2010-01-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Like pleonasms, just repeated.

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Looking through the tonnes of reviews that have been this week is a real pleasure, but I feel like something's missing. And that something is a map by ATOB. Throwing this many reviews without a map by ATOB is like playing check without the king, and so I looked through ATOB's maps and fell over this cute love story map.

I have to add (because no-one else seems to have noticed) that "156" is a title of a really beautiful song by the Danish band "Mew". Play this map, and fall in love. With ATOB's mapping. It's worth it. -Diamondeye

that one

that i somehow missed-- sorry man! If you post it in the creature feature thread thing i will submit it, though :)

The map is fun, and I kinda like the aesthetics.


and the rest of you, thanks for the fine feedback and the fine rates aswell! I actually planned the 1-ways from the start, but I can see why some would dislike them, aesthetically they are not amazing (although I would argue that they can be used much worse!). I'm experimenting with using oneways and tiles together in odd ways and to strike a more utilitarian look and not necessarily miraculous aesthetics every map.

I am working on a mappack where there will be both utilitarian, aesthetically pleasing and also a couple of rather crazy-looking maps. So I need to get in shape :D

Also, an AGD

This map was fun. I like your enemy placement.
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I am not digging the aesthetics...It looks like you had a start to some cool tiles, but then you just decided to stop, and use oneways. I am almost done with that other map btw.

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100. try of the other way xD

oh, i like the map! 4/5
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2. try
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