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Author unkilledNinja
Tags author:unkilledninja easy fun ioani unrated
Created 2010-01-07
Last Modified 2010-01-07
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Description it looks easy isn't it ?
but will you have enought time ?

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It's not fantastic but i love some obstacle and some part. The fight versus the time is nice ;)

completion demo

You're only allowed a maximum of two maps at a time on the hots map page (the front page). It's just a courtesy to other mappers so that their maps may be seen and played as well.

As for this map, I didn't think it was very good. Considering it was supposed to be a race, it had some flow, but not very much at all. The rockets were very unreliable with when they fired and many were pointless altogether, such as the three in the bottom row. I did like the idea of having the thwump fire you back to the top of the map, though, in credit to you. Finally, however, the main challenge as advertised (having enough time) was easily met for me, and even though you tagged this as easy it wasn't a fun easy. For example, this [] is a very easy, yet somehow fun, map (or at least I think so, anyway). 1/5 for this map, though, sorry :( ZTHING [] is a good author at giving out mapping tips, you can tell him I sent you ;) Unless you just enjoy mapping for yourself, then by all means just keep doing what you do (as long as it's two maps on the front page at a time :P).
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