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Author MiBeM
Tags author:mibem easy jumper nreality unrated
Created 2010-01-09
Last Modified 2010-01-09
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Description My first Nreality map. Purple lasers light the city.

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And the repetition (: It's cute map with an awesome tileset


This level itself is not incredible but hte tileset is amazing and the use of rotating laser is nice. Simple and fun level, keep your work ;)
way too repetitive and boring. Nothing special, you should worry a little more about aesthetics and then include some gold. That would make it more enjoyable.

i meant

but it was way too repetitive and it got boring. 3/5

Nice tiles

super cool.


:) good one
may you should put more gold in it - and not so many back-and-forth things...

better than my first N Reality map dude
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