This is me, after hearing of the concept of a collab group.

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Author squibbles
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Created 2010-01-12
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Description This is me, after hearing of the concept of a collab group.

You guys are so lame. The only collab group that I consider somewhat viable was the original Pinkcloud. It had a point.

Sure, pinkcloud is alright, but is it /really/ pinkcloud without Sneekers? Hardly. Thats like the Justice League without Superman.

The rest of you seem to just be bandwagoning. :/

Sorry, someone had to say it.

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oh yeah

I totally forgot about corncobs. >.<

Which is pretty bad, considering Condog was my favourite mapper for like, a year and a half. :|

But yeah, totally valid, in my opinion.


attempting to innovate. It lost too many key members, some of who I think were the diving force of innovation in the community.
I meant the original lineup, before it had half of MotA in it.
hahaha delirium/echo/mirage

Oh yeah squibbles, by the way. You were totally right about all the bandwagoning thing. You are the king. It is getting out of control now, with all the collab groups. Peace out.

agree squibbles

but im in one and we're in the group to have fun :D
Fuck everyone else. Still.


Squibbles just got

It's on!


What an enthralling counter-argument. You sure showed me Radium. I'm such a fool, and thanks to your brilliantly worded, near poetic response, I finally understand.

I think it's bandwagon because when they were originally started, they had a purpose. Now it seems to be just to look cool and feel elite.

I'm not against the collab group, per-se, but rather the pretentious elitism which inevitably follows.

You guys are doing it wrong.

I don't see how more collab groups popping up makes it bandwagoning. It's like someone turning around to me and saying I copied Mare and Raigan because I'm making n maps. Pish.
which I did not personally experience.





Mirage is the shit.

Fuck everyone else.