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Author furry_ant
Tags action author:furry_ant beartato unrated
Created 2010-01-12
Last Modified 2010-01-12
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Description So do it.

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GET. Uproar. (noise) furry's hut floated away . . . ruimte stryd Little Fighter X


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i'm a slow worker, i'll get to it soon


to here about that stupid snipe thing that happened to your last map didnt deserve it but i will say the same thing i said to ZTHING. 'Dont worry about it just remember that you got loads of love and support from your friends' 5 love this map and also you ;)

All golded

kind of not really good at all
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Tell me if you would be up for it.
I can fave it though.

But damn i wish i could play, but you cant get n on a mobile :O

i surprised myself with this fairly quick agd
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I win!

Jokes aside, I can't help but feel this map would have been better with a rocket and less awkward jumps.
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For not submitting their demos to NReality ;)
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Reginald agrees

pretty good map :)

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both agree that I have tied you
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