Blood Vines

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Author Nexx
Tags apt author:nexx mine-jumper mines one-ways puzzley rated
Created 2010-01-17
Last Modified 2010-01-17
by 16 people.
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Description A puzzley mine-jumper. Tread lightly, and keep your wits about you.

For Apt, Round 3. Theme: Elegance.

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awesome awesome jumps! even better than the other one I just played
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...excuse me nexx?...

...this map seems to look a lot like something i created back in the days when i participated in this "community"...

...randomly i thought about this ninja game today and was like ima see when nexx is up to...


I'm gonna go count which of the Dronie maps that I've first-commented on... On Friday. Or Saturday.
it deserves a nom of some sort, but doesn't really fit in any of the existing categories. This is why there should be a minejumper category (my fav genre).
But I'm glad some people enjoyed the map enough to nominate it. :) :)

I came here to say exactly what Blackson said. A lot of the nominations are confusing the shit out of me this year.

But anyway, congrats on the nomination, if you're still around.

faster still

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I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :]

No, I think you may actually be right. Map got boring after very few plays; it's not long and it doesn't have anything interesting in it.

Hmm. Are you saying (on my newest map) that as long as you stick to a path, the rocket's not threatening? Because it seems to me that once you find a path, AGD or speed, the rocket /will/ just 'disappear' -- if you perfect the route. The rocket is there to limit the routes you can find.

Thanks much for the constructiveness, though. :)
...but overall, I really liked it.

Bookmarked for future reference.

I do not like one-way minejumpers for a variety of reasons, but this was fun.


I do have a featured map.
It's been delisted because people think there's a conspiracy there between me and squibbles.


well done as usual
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Elegant and the perfect difficulty. 4aved.
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My AGD is on NReality. :)


second try.
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Sample AGD:

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Sample Completion

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Demo? ;_;