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Author Seneschal
Tags apt3 author:seneschal elegant puzzlish unrated
Created 2010-01-19
Last Modified 2010-01-19
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Description Inspired by this []. Not sure I like this one much, but it's kinda fun. Perhaps you can find shortcuts.

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would you mind checking out this [], PLEASE?
It's because I need a partner! please answer as soon as possible if you're interested. :)

hi cheesemonger

if you mind being called that
from that moment on, I have no doubt your future maps won't lose quality, here you showed it again:
although not brilliant, this continues a series of constantly fine maps
and none of them left very much room for criticism, the only thing I wondered about here was how to get those last three coins without stopping the flow...
well, I really strived towards an AGD...

p.s.: currently working on a review of "prophet bonus disc edition"...
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Demo Data
especially finding the shortcuts. Simple and well executed. <3