Castlevania 3 Level 27: Chapel of Hope & Cathedral of Death

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv3 medium-hard rocket unrated wbc
Created 2010-01-25
Last Modified 2010-01-25
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Description Sonia had some time to think as the elevator took her up to the next floor. This 'Shaft' person claimed to be the cause of Dracula's revival. If he did indeed posess such power he would be a dangerous foe indeed. She glanced up, her break was at an end.

3 LEVELS TO GO! and I already have the last 2 ready to roll so... Anyway, I like this level because it offers a good variety of challenges, from jumper aspects to frantic scramble episodes. This level is a good choice for the final non-boss level of the series. In conclusion I just have to get the Shaft boss fight organized and I will be ready to roomba! Please rate, comment, and post demos. Thanks :)

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I hated castlevania

there was at least one stage in every game that I never got past.

ha ha

you gave the cathedral the bad name.


Although I still have yet to find the answer of why...

i love

your castlevania maps. they are so exciting and fun to play. 5