Castlevania 3 Level 31: Epi(C)louge

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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2010-02-03
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If you haven't played all the pervious levels this story will not make sense. []

Sonia staggered back, her breath was heavy, her sides ached. The monster who had burned this land so many times before was defeated.

Flames of pain burst forth from the monster's eyes as it slowly changed back into the form of a man. The flesh began to blister, and the cloths of the man began to burn.


As the last vestige of flesh burned to dust, the sun broke through the blackness which had prevented it's rays from shinning. A hand grabbed hers suddenly and pulled her along.

She looked and who had grabbed her, her adreniline strong she was absolutely sure that no matter what foe assailed her now she could defeat it.

But it was not a foe. It was Alucard. He was rushing toward the exit. "We must destroy this place within the hour," he said as they high tailed it toward the gates of the castle. "Only then will my father be truely dead!"

Sonia huffing and puffing, eeked out, "But... I just... killed him." She need oxygen, but there was no time to stop and take a breather. Monsters and devils from all over the castle chased after them, the hatered shown in their eyes; they were going to kill whoever had murdered their master.

Outside Sonia was surprized to see a multitude of men-at-arms, trebuchets, and even a battering ram. How they knew to be here Sonia had no idea.

"I called them here," Alucard said when he noticed Sonia's shock. He then turned to the castle and pointed at it, his voice rose to a thunder, "DESTROY THAT KEEP, AND EVERY STONE MADE WITH IT!"

The siege equipment let loose a barage of stones, each one toppling one of Bran Castle's many turrets. When the day was left, they could not find one stone that remained intact. The battle was over, and they knew it.

Alucard turned from the setting sun. His face had been that of a warrior for the entire attack, but now it had sunken to the face of a father who has lost his children in an accident. Slowly he began to walk away from the precipice where the castle had stood.

Sonia jogged up to him, "Alucard! Wait! Where?! Where are you going?" She was confused, it was because of him that their victory was possible, this act of walking away, was like a victorious commander who then commits suicude in the face of his own greatness.

Alucard continued walking, he only said one thing more that day. "Away," his tone was meloncholy his eyes sad.

Sonia stopped following him, was such a man only going to appear when his father did. But then it struck her, Dracula was not going to appear anymore, his soul had been crushed. 'He's going to commit suicide!' she thought. She ran after him.

After that day, no one ever saw Sonia again; and though men tried, Alucard had disappeared as well. But, the last stone, the that had fallen into the black sea and not broken... Yes that stone knew where they were, and it awaited it's rebuilding.

All credit goes to oof_____kabooff for the tileset, I make no claim to it, which is why I have disabled the ratings. If you want to rate it, please go to his tileset. []

I made this primarally because I wanted to finally use the tileset I requested, and also because I couldn't make a good enough Nart to suppliment it. (I suck at object-art) And I also made it because I wanted to make an ending to one of the Castlevania N series I've done. Anyway this map is not mine, and I hope the ending has pleased those who have looked forward to it.

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this was a truly amazing series. i wouldn rate it a 5/5 if i could. :') was that the longest lasting series?


Magnificent. Amazing. Awesome. Mysterious It felt like a game within N. It was brilliant. And the suspicion lies: will there be more? Only time will tell I guess...

5 out of 5 for this series, and faved. You should add the link to every Castlevania 3 level here: just for what comes up when you type 'cv3'
series there isn't much point.


im not gonna read all that