Castlevania 3 Level 29: Throne of the Lord of Shadow

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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2010-01-28
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Description Sonia's foot delived the death blow to the back of Shaft's head. The skull caved in and exposed his grey matter beneath. Sonia quickly left, for the sight sickened her. She found an elevator and took it up to he top of the keep.

There waiting for here at the far end of the hall, was Dracula. His head was leaning on his right hand, which was clenched in a fist. He lifted his head and looked across the hall at Sonia.

Sonia felt herself shudder, as a wave of nearly uncontrolable terror shook her.

"Young maiden," Dracula said getting up from the throne and standing to his full height, an easy eight feet. "Have you come to offer yourself to me? Or perhaps, you have come to bow before me and offer your services and one of my subordinates?"

Sonia's anger flared, "No, Foul One, I have come to do the duty which was assigned me," Sonia rage boiled as she spoke, "I HAVE COME TO SEND YOU TO THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL! TO RETURN YOUR CORPSE TO THE HELL'S KEEPER, AND THERE TO LET THE LAVA FLOW OVER YOU ROTTING UNHOLY BODY!"

Dracula laughed, "Have you?" he asked, his amusment embodied in his words, "how lovely."

A voice called from another door, "We have come Father for that purpose." Alucard approached, carrying a long sword and a great crested shield. "We will see you put in your grave once more."

Dracula smiled, "Very well then, shall we dance, young maiden?" When he had said these things he and the throne faded from view.

The sound of clattering weapons could be heard from the direction Alucard had just come from.

Alucard looked towards the clamor, "Sonia, deal with my father, and have no mercy. I will prevent any assistence on his part."

1 level left! first completion demo for this level with get a ded. Any demos welcome! please rate, comment, and post demos. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! :)

PS This is for the most part, a very item based map so it will take a long time to load.

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Some fire twice :(

Too long

too hard. However, I managed to cheat death, by hitting a launcepad as one of the rockets hit me XP