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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac featured image-map inspired life247 nreality rated
Created 2010-02-14
Last Modified 2010-02-14
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description He's inspired and he's okay
He sleeps all night and works all day.

He makes the maps, with art and style
he likes to collect all gold.
He puts on ninja clothing
and hangs around with drones.

He's inspired and he's okay
He sleeps all night and works all day.

Nreality needed.

Collab with Life247.

This map was featured on 2010-09-28

Home is where the heart is.


Not here. To get home you have to brave arteries and veins thriving with activity, not forgetting to avoid those nasty little antibodies on the wall.

Normally it isn't my thing to grab single golds, but trying to get all of them is a fun challenge - and doing it quickly is even harder. Dodging rockets and lasers in open passages - cutting off routes that seemed so easy...

Puncturing the heart walls, you grab the key, but you still have a long way to go - and the body clock is ticking. — ChrisE

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just clocked

the monty python reference


This is my speed run. :D
Demo Data


Demo Data

hey, blur 4 round 6 started, i hope you noticed! waiting for your demo
will play the map later, so far i like it


The tileset mines and gold placement remember me the famous MTI. Enemy are very well placed too and the image is simple but pleasant.

Looking back.

This image is horrible, even for my first one. The gameplay's still killer though, good choice.

Thanks for the help traction.

This is too cool

with it splitting the heart <3 []

poem doesn't really work without the "and wears womens' clothes" bit

thanks traction

but I can't edit it in because the map is rated, sorry.

here ya go


the default selection you will get in photoshop ends up being a little smaller than the actual tiles due to anti-aliasing and such. the best thing to do is just expand the selection by 1-2 px. this can lead to the very bottom of the ninja's feet being hidden, but it's worth it for not looking so choppy.

ill make a better overlay and post it here


some maps are just one of a kind. amazing map. amazing description by the reviewer.

deserves: 4.9/5
I will agd it soon, but this thing plays and looks pretty damn good, reminds me of the last Riobe feature. ^_^ 4.5, rounded down. Also favorited.


**a lot

Cool review chris.


Will probably improve later.
Demo Data

run for speed
Demo Data
It's good when the background image loads, but then the foreground one just ruins it.


I felt the need to eat tons of sugar after playing this.


just experimenting.

wow factor []


the map of 1000 possibilities....

That description may not have been directed at me but it made sense in my day.
still a good map.

Semifast AGD.

I know, the borders are really rough, so if anyone can teach me how to make them smoother please do.

Happy Singles Awareness Day!
Demo Data



better if it was not nreality, and i THINK, nreality get less attendtion, but 5/5 from me, cause of tile structure and hard gameplay.
but a lot of work went into creating this edit of it.