White Tears; They Became Mine Conscience

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Author brainstone
Tags action author:brainstone featured rated
Created 2010-02-24
Last Modified 2010-02-24
by 19 people.
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Description AGD included. Enjoy.

This map was featured on 2013-08-25

brainstone is no stranger to pushing the envelope with his eccentric maps and titles. "White Tears; They Became Mine Conscience" is a great example of this. Using trap doors and one-way platforms in an unorthodox, yet enriching way, brainstone delivers an action map that has few comparisons, both visually and experientially. — ska

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you are good at this.


It must be so hard for you getting called up on your bad writing when you didn't even have to write anything in the first place. Grow up.


By unorthodox, I simply meant that especially the trap doors and one-ways are used in ways that aren't the norm.

Unorthdox: 1. contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted; not orthodox.

I also mean eccentric in the sense that the tiles are snazzy and zany, but I opted not to use zany since I used it in my last review.

I also honestly stand by my declaration that this map is fairly unique in it's overall essence.

Lastly - I've submitted the last 3 reviews, and if I didn't, you wouldn't have had a new review up in 9 days... I think at least a little bit of gratitude would be nice for something I didn't have to do in the first place.
the map is not "eccentric" nor is the object use "unorthodox", and there are plenty of visually comparable action maps. no idea what "experientially" is supposed to mean in this context either.

throwing adjectives and adverbs around with abandon is not good writing.

Very cool

I really like the one-way usage, and that it's the backbone of such a big, finale-type map. I also like how the drones add an element of timing to the exercise; sometimes you have to wait until the next section is "ready". I do have to agree with toasters that there's overcrowding and awkward moments, but the bulk of this map is really good.

AGD-2: (I totally should've died at the end)
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This is...

...perfect. 5/5

All gold, such a good map, I remember when it first hit the front page!
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This is not an example of a cluttered map.

This just became one of my favorite maps. Excellent feature.

cLUTTERed as hvell

Really didn't need the zap drones at all, didn't have fun with this one


epic demo, even the death was epic.

seriously, watch the demo
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my prefferred method of map completion, the NGD, is not possible here.


agree with ska, this is the best (and strangest) way to use one-ways and trapdoors.

Fast AGD

Could be improved in certain sections, but it's still quite good. (Both the demo and the map.)
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Very fun map

I'm still amazed how technical and cool this map is. I also agree with toasters about the crowded feel, but that's just a minor flaw. You've really developed some new style, good job.

Good idea.

But the execution could use some work, there's some awkward moments. I like the trap door idea at the start, but I think having it out of the way would have been better. Also the part where I died gets pretty crowded, and there's no good place to take cover.
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but a very fun concept :] 5


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