Pt. 2 - Outerchambertoes.

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 chamberoes chambers fun medium unrated
Created 2010-02-28
Last Modified 2010-03-04
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Description Part two in my Chambers [] series.

Pt. 1 - Underchambertoes. []
Pt. 2 - Outerchambertoes. []
Pt. 3 - Middlechambertoes. []
Pt. 4 - Overchambertoes. []

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See below


Yeah that's better

You may submit if you like
But the main section of tiles seems like the image has been inflated. Any way you can sharpen it up?
Probably kind of futuristic and blue. Or something like that. Maybe silver highlights. Meh, I don't really know.


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It's not my best job, but it contains some pretty interesting mechanics. If you want me to try for better, don't hesitate to say. I can just submit this as a normal map, after all.

Here's the map [].

Fun map

4/5 from me purely because it is so simple yet it is still fairly hard. Faster AGD :)
Demo Data

Just the tiles?

What about objects? We doing those afterwards of something? Because that's not really the way I operate.

Most certainly!

Will we be operating via the forums or via numa? If the former, my username on the forums is 'Destiny'.

i didn't use a single brush for that map, it was all hand-drawn/photoshopped with my mouse


:) Enjoy ^^
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