She Sells Sea Shells

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets featured map pack rated tgsyn
Created 2010-03-03
Last Modified 2010-03-03
by 22 people.
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Description HEY! GUYS! MY PACK'S OUT! PLAY IT! []

- this is another of my favourite maps

This map was featured on 2010-05-10

The golden sand shines in the light of the sun, whilst the waves roll around the rocks just offshore. It's a lovely day, so why not visit Shauna, the Sea Shell Seller?

Shauna is a tough catch. You'll need your best sandals, swim shorts and sunglasses. The rocks aren't terribly hard to climb, the fish aren't terribly hard to dodge, but that doesn't stop you from making mistakes.

Who knew a trip to the sea side could be such fun?


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The name alone

pleases my tongue.
Beautiful map
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Make another map :(

This is so great... I love it... 5aved.


ChrisE should be the only reviewer.
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Is so damn pleasing.
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I expected more tongue-twisting alliterations in the review. Oh well.

I like... PALEMOON is referencing to my comment. :)
(5/5 :P)


I'll probably come back sometime for an all gold, this was really fun to play around with, I like the design and aesthetics, and gameplay was certainly up to your par. Likeee.
How goes, dude? Been a while.
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This is almost the only map lately that I think deserves getting a feature.

I like...

how this map has a lot of routes and a very laid-back feel to it. The rockets and launchpads worked really well and i love the tileset. 4.

i also like how the previous comment lacks a valid critique of the map AND a rating, therefore contributing to the problem the comment is attempting to bring to light.
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I like... this map gets no ratings and comments at all.

great as hell.

my favourite from you, frets.


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I liked the low launch pads.

nice map


fantastic work.


in userlevels, I hit the rocket and the launchpad at the same time and i became glitched. Nothing effected me! :O
also, I just DLed your mappack...

There are some nice ideas and work put into it but it lets me down for two reasons; first of all most of the maps are too long, in my opinion... Second, you look like you have a serious Gauss addiction. Most of them are nicely placed but try experimenting with other enemies as well.

I'm not saying it's not nicely put together (because it is), but the current style doesn't appeal all that much to me. Take that for what it's worth as I'm not an expert player, though...


that map is a dedication, not a memorial. Please don't be that rude. I'm just hailing one of my favourite authors.
you do need to be quick thinking though, which is what i liked about it. There is always a way to get out of the predicaments the rockets put you in, you just need to be quick on your toes.


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This is lovely!

The laucnhpads and rockets were my only dislike. While I loved the idea, the execution wasn't on par with what it could have been. I never could seamlessly get a run when collecting the launchpad gold(s). It seemed every time I went to collect it I had to run back down and kill the rocket before proceeding.

A little tweaking and you've got a winner!
and it doesn't get commented for two hours? o_O O_o

faved for later