Simple Challenge: Soft Landing

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony playable rated
Created 2010-03-24
Last Modified 2010-03-24
by 5 people.
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Description has this been done before? ive only been here like 11 months so i have no idea, but i discovered this on my own and find it very awesome, enjoy :)

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i don't

fucking understand this


I sincerely believe that you should return the mapping from time to time, and delight us with these wonderful mechanics again! ;)


It's one of most innovative simple challenges i've played.
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not mahi's demo, unless his hioghscores name is nand_mustard


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I did something quite similar recently []
well heres the old trick in simple challenge form


Hitting a wall and the ceiling at the same time - it's an old trick but it's not too well known.


don't look until you give up!
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