THE Entrance of a New Day

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags action author:amomentlikethis playable rated v1.4b
Created 2010-03-28
Last Modified 2010-03-28
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description It's like a prisoner map, but better.

Cya :)

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Just so you know.

first try

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This is perfect and beautiful and your absence is gonna make this site a bit worse.

The admins are awesome, I know.

wtf? []

apparently you have no maps =D
I'm just not going to submit anything from now on unless the site gets much better.
With the exception of this [] which I only submitted to show off a glitch.
even if a little overdone with the second half of the map.


you took my run on


this is nice, looks like you can beat them, but you cant
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cool map

nice to see some new concepts
the prisoner part is the best though, gameplay in the rest didn't strike me as really amazing. 4aved.



Nah it's a cya

THE Entrance of a New Day.


I really like what you did here, especially with the beginning. <3
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you off now?

or is cya :) just an "until tomorrow" thing?

Cya ;) <3


nice map


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that's okay, I got it on this one :)
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Faved, nice concept.

Hey, thanks!

Nice demo too, it's a shame you missed that gold at the top though on your first jump.
And I really, really, really liked this. 5aved. slower agd:
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Made a lil' edit. Hope it doesn't effect anyone.
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