Eat a Peach

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped easy featured playable race rated
Created 2010-04-21
Last Modified 2010-04-21
by 28 people.
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Description eating people is wrong

This map was featured on 2012-06-14

You think you're agile? Intelligent? Try eating a peach. It's juicy outsides will keep you biting away at this until you hit its rock-solid core, where if you bite it, well... you bite it hard. Your blood will stain the concrete beneath you as you are born again to conquer this vicious map. Keep nibbling away until you are left with your victory prize: a pit in your stomach that you've filled with gold. - origami_alligator [] — 1211

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I do love this map

Apparently I had removed it from my favorites to make room for some other map, but... I think I'll put it back where it belongs.

I remember this.

About time it was featured.

excellent race

really fun and great flow
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Thanks alot

popped in to see what was going on to find a nice surprise.
LOL.. History repeats itself...
Just kidding man, great choice trance!

Good choice.

great map.

great review.
But due to my summer job, I'll be missing out on a couple of months on reviewing. I'll try to get at least one, but no promises.
then I was like I guess I'll look at r_t's to be fair. Then I remembered, AMAZING.


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This shouldn't just have been nominated, it should fucking win

eating children

is right.
But liked most of it :)


fun enough.

my favorite parts were the top center right half-loop setup and the launchpad setup at the exit key. those were creative. and i liked the tiles and how they were right there in the race.


Thanks! :3
very fun race, I like pretty much the entire thing, but especially the thwump on the top of the map.
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who wants to proceed mapping? :/
some inuendo in the map's title/description?
and sorry to bother you with such a trivial matter

Absolutely genius

Right from the start to the end this race twists and turns in ways rarely seen on NUMA, with several sections of flow i've never even seen before. Along with this you've managed to include several brilliant concepts into the race - such as the floorguard chase, the way you land on the thwump at the top - and the unusual jump at the middle right.

On top of all that, the map looks gorgeous. This is amazing, man. 5aved.
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end's clever

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hold up.

what's wrong with eating people?


really cool race.... the floorchaser mechanic was interesting...

If you are looking at your boyfriend, thinking he's so yummy.
If you are looking at your girlfriend, thinking she's good enough to eat.
Well think on this don't think too long.
Well think on this...

Cannibalism's wrong (DO do di do dooo)
Cannibalism's wrong (wha whawhowhaa)
you have to be strong

If you are starving on an air-plane, 'cos you're in economy.
And if you have crashed down in the ocean, and you're allergic to sea food.
By eating me you could stay strong.
And I could learn to hop along.
Apart from this...

Cannibalism's wrong, You must fight it don't deny.
Cannibalism's wrong..
Come on people, can't you see...
Cannibalism's wrong.
Don't be tempted, you have to be strong.

We all know someone, who has had a bite, Taken out of them by, somebody else's spite.
It happens every day, but does that make it right.
They want their lives to be prolonged,
And not be carved up by your tongue
So listen up...

Cannibalism's wrong
You must fight, it don't deny.
Cannibalism's wrong
Come on people, can't you see?
Cannibalism's wrong
Don't be tempted, to eat them
Cannibalism's wrong
Don't deny it you must fight
Cannibalism's wrong
Don't eat your best friend's thigh you know why
Cannibalism's wrong
Even if they deserve it, you can't eat them 'cos it's wrong

If you do don't eat the skin, it's fattening.

Really good.

I like that it has a certain theme in the jumps. :3 Very satisfying. ^^


This is the third race I've made in three years. yo. ;D

Mm. Forgot one thing. The bb sends me into the one-ways every so often. :(

To me, this would've been stellar if it had incorporated the floorguard/door bug more than once. Thwump was the other good mechanic.
And the rocket killed me sometimes when getting the exit switch. Other than that, tight race. The best bit was during the start when you don't get all the gold. I was thinking 'Hmm, I've missed that gold. It doesn't look like the race will come back here... have I got the flow wrong?'

And then the race went back there.


This is so much harder than it should be. I suck >_<

This is tight.

That's really the only way to put it. Nothing is out of place. Good looks, great flow, good fun, great map. 4.5up'd, and faved.
I hate races. Yet I had fun playing this.


playing a race map. Absolutely lovely flow. Felt very fast. 5aved.


i though eating people was good.
Only real complaint is that the last rocket would kill me a few times and it didn't seem like it was my fault... Could've been, though. My only other complaints were going to be that I keep getting the instinct to jump when running back on the one-ways after the first launchpad and to not jump up to the drone area but I see you've just taken care of that with your edits.
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fun 2 play arund nd stff

Incredibly fun.

This one is a real joy to play. One of the best races I've played. Perfect difficulty too, not easy enough to beat in first few tries, but not too much that you rage.


Fiiive and Faaved

It's a fucking five. Speed above limits. Loops. Precision. Danger.

Best race I've seen this year (sorry Destiny, sorry Riobe :3)
This is a Dronie-winner-to-be.

AGD below!
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This was fun

I think I'll make more of these.
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