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Author amconline
Tags author:amconline girl n-art rated tileset
Created 2010-04-27
Last Modified 2010-04-27
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description tileset.
free to use, just credit this page. ^^

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I made my own

Is this what you were trying to accomplish?

Bingo !

She's a transexual. ;)

apart from the breasts, she looks like a man


there are tiles, and they are set...
I call that a tileset, there's no objects..
If I make a playable map out of it, this becomes it's tileset, right ?


amazonians just got one titt

she looks

1950's B-movie Amazonian.

this girl

got floppy boobs^^
Tile-art, not tileset.

the shirt

came out brilliantly. The fringe, not so much though, and it's quite distracting.

I'm of course looking at it as a tile-art though, not a tileset. >.<