Ruins As Old As Your Granddad

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 featured museinspired rated ruins
Created 2010-06-09
Last Modified 2010-06-09
by 24 people.
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Description They're crumbling even as you read this...
Inspired a little by the muse-thingy. <3 Enjoy. ^^

This map was featured on 2011-08-15

“When I was your age–“


We’ve heard these speeches before, right? The speeches talk of the days of five-cent movies and dime stores. The days when children walked to school, worked hard at home, and listened to the radio. Sometimes they may give good advice, such as: “Don’t eat drugs, young’in” and “You should spend time outside”. One of my favorites was: “Don’t play in there, it was around when I was a kid.” I wondered why it was bad to enter somewhere that was obviously safe. Then it hit me. These ruins are as old as my Granddad. — apakenua

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Grats, miststalker!
It was just so frustrating, especially the inconsistency of the laser, and how tricky its area was.
Demo Data

I like the review.

There was one little issue with the quotation marks being inside the period, but whatever. No big deal.

Agreed with Radium

This maps looks a lot better than it plays.

thanks apakenua <3

agreed with all
agree with lsudny, I think miststalker deserve more, more features he has really good stuff.
agree with others, this is not really the best, very good adventuresque (not lag for me) but I think he has better ones.

Despite gamplay issues I felt I should say that this looks amazing!

very awkward map

i feel that a couple adjustments could make this a lot better

Really don´t like

gameplay is awkward and it lags too much.
You have much better ones, this one certainly doesn´t deserve the feature.


you really deserve more more more features.

cool map


Oh thanks.

remind me in a few days


epic and complex


feature worthy

Too cluttered.

The gameplay's just too awkward, imo.

I've seen the one way trick, but it's used here very well.

insane map

and you call this a SLOW demo ?!
good job.


You really should get your demos on Nreality first... I know that would mean getting them would take longer, but I like that competition-challenge of trying to beat set highscores. Also, using Nreality is quicker, and I basically only use it (unless I want to find the secrets of an awesome map)

Anyways, I'll have to look at your demo to see how this is done.


I am crazy. 8D

But i do really liked this map. <3

Maybe just accept all that stuff as feedback, but take it however you want.

iban's gone crazy

also, epigone, that stuff is old


I hate how:
1) You have to get all that gold before doing anything difficult. Its like 700 frames spent only at the beginning of a hard map.. annoying as anything.
2) The laser, if you do the first part fast, which I got really used to doing fast, then you either have to wait for the laser to go up or get killed by it.
3) The precarious half tiles to balance on. And the one mine that makes jumping to the 2 tile annoying. Then the jump to the bouncie.
4) The floorguard near the rocket. What. The. Heck. Did. You. Add. That. For? It makes that whole setup super hard.. and having to go the 1000 frames to that spot again and again :S
5) What in the world exit do you use? I did not look at your demo, but they all seem impossible. If I could even get to the place again, I would try out a few theories.

5aved. I really liked it :D
i hadn't seen that before

An artistic suggestion, where the ninja stands, should have oneways visible as well if you're going to do it in the other places to the left and right of him.

have you checked your PMs?

Great puzzle.



:| i ain't able to get one single exit thingy. :'(
not since I accused you of being him... hmmm, how odd.

Thanks, man :)

Watch my demo for help! ;)


that's what I meant ;)

welcome back, I like the map but can't beat it yet.

A few days back,

when my account got reenabled. :)


when did you get back?


The tileset. 4/5

Oh come on

the ruins aren't /that/ old.

AGD - slow one.

I know the laser drone perhaps doesn't prove of much efficiency, but it's mostly just an aesthetics factor. :)
Demo Data
But there are a little clues. :)