Makro Unit

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine conceptual rated
Created 2010-06-09
Last Modified 2010-06-09
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description originally inspired by yesterday's feature []

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Demo Data

First try AGD.

Fun stuff, nice oneway setup.
Demo Data

Ouch =\


a lot better than that feature.


I collab'd with him like 2 weeks ago, but whatever.
I sware you've become a better mapper than me -_-

Call it Beastmaze.

Agree with Z.


First Try AGD

This map is pretty daunting when you first load it up. That laser is perfect here. Sometimes I didn't like the upper switch placements, but they're not so bad if you have some speed to grab them. Good take on the feature.
Demo Data


How's this for a fluid run? ^_^
Demo Data


Nice map, everything works well here.
Demo Data

I like the 1ways

And how they worked with the mines.


doing a fluid run on this map is pretty tough, I guess.
Demo Data

all gold death demo

Demo Data
but the laser dun got laser'd me.