Japanese Game Show

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Author ska
Tags author:ska featured game ghosty japanese prisoner rated show
Created 2010-07-06
Last Modified 2015-01-11
by 36 people.
Map Data

Description Two one-eyed 'ghosts' escort you along narrow hallways filled with booby-trapped roofs and ceilings.
Do you have what it takes to make it to the 11th floor and hit the jackpot whilst dueling one of the deranged ghost's charges? Or will you keep your sanity intact by choosing a lower exit? さあ、ゲームを開始!

Dedicated to EddyMataGallos for the first completion of my map pack: 'Medieval Myriads' [].

Click here for the spiritual successor. []

This map was featured on 2012-04-30

How has this not yet been Featured!

This map could be a real game itself. Addictive as heroin, with a magnificent difficulty curve. His devilish difficulty makes it really rewarding to get a door. Can you reach the top?
This is a map to keep forever. A map with a delicious re-playability. This is a game within a game. I have to thank ska for creating Japanese Game Show, and I like knowing I've it always available to me in my Userlevels and I can always comeback to stay mad.

I am honored to place this on the home page. — zoasBE

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Also, do update the url of your map-pack.

A human can't AGD this :)

People AGD'd this?



for the feature...


perfect map name, Ben features ftw

gimme a minute, I'll be back with a quicker agd @.@


map nice feature :)

Scares the shit outta me.

suds, I think you have wrote the same thing no?


how has this not yet been 5'd by me.




trying door by door




nearly2meters' run wasn't an agd, just a completion lol.

speed run:
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Only 13 rates for this one


1st door.
So hard map
Demo Data


XD - I just realised that mistake XD
nevertheless i will leave that humorous misspelling in as a testament to the ludicrousness of this map! (actually, on second thought, I'll just fix it :D)

Insanity intact?
I get my fingers all tangled up when a floorguard approaches me at a bottleneck.


um... I don't really use msn anymore...

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u still havnt unblocked me...lulzz please do so hehe

yeah, everything you need to know is in that thread.

I think

I fixed it?
if that counts for anything. With regards to [] There are links to simpler versions which don't lag in the description.



How the hell do I favorite a level?
I cant find any button.

this is like

bullshiting hard.

Wow thanks! Dude this map is great :D

thanks ^^

now try for the next door :P
here's a slightly faster agd - still not completely optimized XD

I can get to the end most times now :D
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I still didn't (couldn't) reach the final exit in P.M.G.

First door:
Demo Data


Takeshi would be proud of that agd
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for that demo.
The map would have been nicer if the difficulty span hasn`t rised so fast, IMO.

This is insane

Awesome AGD btw

I'm sorry dude...

this map is so screwed up.
I cried.



thanks romaniac

here's an AGD for your viewing pleasure...
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