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Author Onesevennine
Tags author:onesevennine featured gauss hard linear playable rated
Created 2010-07-13
Last Modified 2010-07-13
by 28 people.
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Description and everyone's all "179 man this is neat but it's all sloppy-like" and i'm just all "daaaaaamn man sloppy is just how i do things get used to it man"

and they're all "no"

This map was featured on 2010-11-14

In a world where everything has its place, you walk unbounded. Stealing time, penetrating walls and opening doors that were closed for a reason. Nobody can stop you. Sure, there are defences, but do I really need to remind you that you're a ninja? Doing this is all part of the game; It wouldn't be fun otherwise.

Continue causing mischief and, when you're done, close the door behind you. Thanks.

P.S. Please don't take the piss by celebration too much.

vista collapsible — ChrisE

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...I can't help but really enjoy it. There's just so many cool little things. Nicely done, 179!

i want to review now

but i would be roughly three point five hours early

watch them not review watch them roll


I could have sworn I've seen this before. Still love it.
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Pretty cool

Though not the best, imo.

Faster AGD.

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It means to be at a loose end. "at a loose end" is another British one though... Looks like I'm leading you into a labyrinth of idioms :P
i thought you were supposed to say something about sixes and sevens

asdgahjkf ):

interesting map
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"Drunk as a lord"


hEY PALEMOON, I am arguing the toss; despite being on my back foot due to the fact most of the people in this place are from across the pond! BUt then again, how can you trust me, I'm as bent as a 9 bob!

"As bent as a 9 bob!"? The fuck... I've never heard that one before... Who uses that shit??


looks better sideways

your british idioms

confuse and anger me
I retract the phrase "hideously uncomfortable" for "icky".


Cobbled together. Not the best. 3.
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I've seen better 179.

best featured map

in awhile. 5/5

here is a cautious AGD.
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...wait no, I just got it then. Fuck changing the title though.

my PS

stands for pre-signature. :D

This is

neat but a little sloppy. I like paradoxes.
I also liked the map, it was fun =D


the teleporter surprised me, had my run all planned out and then it was all "whooh" and i was all "whoah"
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Holy crap.

I leave NUMA and stop mapping for like a two months, one day come back and decide to check on the place, and it's the day I have a featured map.

you're all awesome
but what aphex said :p


I just added 179 to my favorite authors a few days ago. Forget aesthetics, actually forget everything, nearly all of his maps that I've played have just been pure /fun/. And why else am I playing this game? This map does have some weird bits, but somehow it all still seems to work, and yeah, it's fun.
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A nice review, however "P.S." should be after the signature, not before. Also the contents of the "P.S." are... er... furry said it...

The map was good too :P

"Please don't take the piss by celebration too much."

best line


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And this doesn't do much for me visually either.

Sorry 179, you've got some great maps, but I won't play this again. Not my thing.

Slow all gold demo included for posterity.
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oh and faved
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not an agd but you get the idea
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oh dear