Koopa 'n' Chute

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Author darkcrusader
Tags author:darkcrusader darkcrusader mario nart rated tileset
Created 2010-07-31
Last Modified 2010-07-31
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description DUDU DUDU DUDU! DUDU DUDU DUDU! dudu dudu dudu. dudu dudu dudu.

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That... foxman...

really likes using c:

even more so than me and my squinty eyes >.>

(Read as: dudu-du dudu du du ~ du du du dudoooodu-du dudu du du...)


dudu du du du du dududududududududududu
I've got to go now. Bye. c:
It was a pretty good comic. c:
If I remember correctly? :3
Still. I love yours tiles. I mainly do tiles. lol
Your N-arts are absolutely amazing. <3