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Author darkcrusader
Tags author:darkcrusader crap darkcrusader defecation featured feces n-art rated
Created 2010-05-06
Last Modified 2011-09-18
by 38 people.
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Description JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS: I had my brother upload this. He put on the tags. Knowing this, I think it's pretty funny so I'll leave the tags up.

This map was featured on 2011-09-18

A is for Axiom, your home sweet home. B is for Buy N Large, your very best friend. C is for Captain, your intelligent leader. D is for Directive, your robots comm-




D is for darkcrusader, E is for Epic EVE Nart. F is for Fantastic and flamboyantly funky. G is for Great gradient shading. H is for -- yeah, yeah shutting up. Just enjoy one of my favorite Narts! — im_bad_at_N

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feature-worthy, obviously

haha thanks

mate nd yu just gave me an idea for a map. also i was thinking me yu and 1211 collab?


oo sounds

interesting im doing my gcse year so im gonna hate it :L thanks matee yur pretty insane yurself :P cant wait to see some of yur features shall be a good read :) x


i was really pleased with the map :P anyway how yu been? x


I believe you were offering condolences because my N Arts were simply not getting noticed, as I described by my comments.

Then you went on to say that you didn't want to rate it because you couldn't see it, and loading it was too much of a hassle.

I'm probably being to literal, and if so, you can forget what I just said, and I'll kindly take the compliment :D
but bummer the thumbnails were fucked? But how would I know that if I didn't load it? :S
Because I have no idea what the hell I was saying.


This inspires me.
but I love WALL-E

I love the Nart

And the review is practical and charming

And I love that movie :3

sorry and

your a reviewer! wow things are looking good for yaa :p x

yes mate

soo glad you gotta featured! congrats matee :P x

I must have

given this a 5 back when... love it.
Love the movie. I think Pixar has only once hit a single, struck out once, and pretty much hit home-runs with the rest of their movies.
Worthy feature for an N-art.

i love that movie

and this n art is really cool too. congrats on the feature!

One of your best,

even if the movie's super overrated.

Awesome tags lol.


As are your other mine-arts!




very nice drawing!!! loved it!!


That looks fantastic! :)



wall-e is a great movie!!
really beautifull eve


Love that movie.
You should do another nart soon.


also BOOSTED this back to a 4

yo its awesome

maek more maps


thanks, man.

hey, thanks!

yeah, I created it to save time in helping me find some of my own maps before I found I had, like, 300 or so (who knows if I'll ever make that many, though...) I was thinking of adding a number next to them to show the chronological order, too, buuuuuuuuuuut idk... maybe next time when I'm really bored lol :P

Sounds nice!

Post a link to one of my maps when you sub it!


ppl who suck just judge by thumbnail...

The thing is

the numa thumbnail system likes to go back to the picture of the FIRST and ORIGINAL uploaded map. I updated most of the n-arts quite a few times, and the updates down show up. Unfortunately, the thumbnail system is down, so they can't update it


that happened to me.
about 4 times.


you just dropped something chronic. That seriously blows, dude.

Not rating. I'm not loading it. Sorry. It's just way too much of a mish. D:

Oh crap.

My Blair-chan got ruined too.
Whenever I do a good N Art, these days, something crappy happens so no one can see it and it falls off the hot maps. Last time I got sniped, and this same thing happened before. This was a pretty good N Art if I dare say and now this happens. I am so angry!

Having to load this

was a pain in the ass >.>


the thumbnail is bugged..