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All of this information is a bit outdated.. I have stopped playing this game and visiting NUMA really.

Wow, I've got a featured map! It's against the rules of nature!

Hello I'm Dawiki a Dutch speedrunner. I am 16 years old. (14 when last edited O.o). I can only play N in the weekends because I have a very slow computer at my mom, where I live in the week. Now I do have a fast computer ;).

Rated maps: 18

Favorite author: Jasdanu [] ! I Love to speedrun his maps.

Favorite episode level: 193-2. I have Speedrun, underclock and highscore *0th

Favorite episode: 195, I have every level ranked 5 or less

My first Highscore was episode 53-0 (I think)

I'm now stuck at epi 107 and 115. I completed almost every other episode from NR.

Speedrun *0ths:
79-3 -> *1st now
81-1 -> *1st now
195-1 These made both within 5 minutes :P
195-3 These made both within 5 minutes :P Improved later

Underclock *0ths:

Highscore *0ths:

NUMA Speedrun Top 20: 4548
NUMA Speedrun 0ths: 2004
NUMA Speedrun *0ths: 86

I love Comments and Ratings.

My episodes []
My DDAs []
My other things []

My avatar is not edited, only the text. N on his head is a pause when i died on the floor :P.


138060 []
188021 []
192046 []
193050 []
198312 []
198523 []
203036 []

Please tell me if I forgot to put your one in my list.

Cool People on mIRC:

My mIRC Discussion about smoking with kryX:

<kryX> do you smoke?
01 <Dawiki> no
01 <Dawiki> lol
<kryX> i mean, weed
01 <Dawiki> no
<kryX> why?
01 <Dawiki> im not so old yet :S
01 <Dawiki> :D
<kryX> haha oicoic
01 <Dawiki> ?
<kryX> geez
<kryX> oh i see, oh i see
<kryX> oicoic
<kryX> :P
01 <Dawiki> ?!
<kryX> haha never mind
01 <Dawiki> :/
01 <Dawiki> lol
<kryX> how old are you then?
01 <Dawiki> 13..
01 <Dawiki> :o
<kryX> haha ohhhh
01 <Dawiki> lolz
<kryX> how old are ppl usually when they smoke for the first time in NL?
Session Time: Wed Jul 21 00:00:00 2010
01 <Dawiki> some dont..
01 <Dawiki> 15?
01 <Dawiki> cant say so
01 <Dawiki> im not going to i hope
<kryX> oh yea?
01 <Dawiki> yea
01 <Dawiki> its bad and costs money
<kryX> haha
<kryX> yea
<kryX> i guess
<kryX> but it's worth it :)
01 <Dawiki> meh
<kryX> i'm high as crap right now lol
01 <Dawiki> hard to quit
01 <Dawiki> hm
01 <Dawiki> im scared
<kryX> i really didn't expect to get a girl over at this hour
<kryX> it's not hard to quit haha
01 <Dawiki> than quit
<kryX> it's not even addicting
01 <Dawiki> ok...
<kryX> i had a break over a year long
<kryX> right before like, 3 weeks ago
01 <Dawiki> it is addicting.
01 <Dawiki> :P
<kryX> not physically
01 <Dawiki> no.
<kryX> but mentally, yea
<kryX> sure
<kryX> you
01 <Dawiki> me
<kryX> you'd have to be really weak not to be able to quit
01 <Dawiki> i dont know
01 <Dawiki> It's harder than you think
01 <Dawiki> others had many trouble to quit
<kryX> yea, many are weak :p
01 <Dawiki> mmm
01 <Dawiki> Talk to me again about this when your not high !
01 <Dawiki> :P
<kryX> haha it wouldn't sound different :p
02 * kkstrong0 ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
01 <Dawiki> hm
01 <Dawiki> maybe the smokethings are different up there.
03 * Oleary ( has joined #n-highscores
01 <Dawiki> less nicotine
01 <Dawiki> if thats the right word
<kryX> yea i think so
01 <Dawiki> ok
01 <Dawiki> but you said you had to go like half an hour ago
<kryX> yea i know
<kryX> she's here in like 35 mins
<kryX> so i had more time than i thought
<kryX> lol
01 <Dawiki> right now?
<kryX> i just have to freshen up a bit
01 <Dawiki> ok
01 <Dawiki> weird, your talking to a little kid before a girl comes over and your high... :/
<kryX> hahahahah
<kryX> yea no kidding
<kryX> i was just saying that to my friend on msn
01 <Dawiki> :l
01 <Dawiki> I know him
<kryX> haha
<Oleary> this is a strange convo coming into

I dont know what happend to the time...

Earlier that day I gave away an 0th place to mohamedraif on 163-1...

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