Dragon Test

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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac n-art non-playable rated test
Created 2010-11-23
Last Modified 2010-11-25
by 26 people.
Map Data

Description Well. I am sorry people.
I haven't been around for the past year.
I have been too busy/lazy to finish my old n-art.

So, i decided to remake it.
This is still a test, but it uses a new map code/data that is optimized to have the least amount of thwumps.
Still uses quite a few extra blocks, but i am not worried about those all too much.

I am making a time lapse of this creation. This little but took about 4 hours, the whole thing will take about 20 hours.
I am half way finished right now, but i do not want to spoil the supprise.

I will try my hardest to get the map out by thanks giving day, but i do not know how to make a video into a time lapse. So, if anyone knows how to do that, it would be much appreciated or else the time lapse will look kinda stupid. I can get my hands on almost any software, but right now i have after effects cs5 and Sony Vegas pro 9. I have tried time warp and time stretch, but neither gave the effect that i wanted.

Thanks in advanced if you know how to help and hope yall like the finished art after its finished


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wow your back nice to see yu again


This is not even close to be finished.
However, i am almost finished on my computer.

Just wait some time, i should have it out late tonight or tomorrow hopefully before noon.
but welcome back!

dAMN GOOD map you got there, old chap

/goes back to smoking pipe and playing cricket/

Working pixel by pixel should suck man, you are monsterishly patient!

the thimbnails?

They haven't been working?

I guess its because i made the map data with a lot less thwumps and blocks.
The way i was doing it before was 1 thwumps and 3 blocks per pixel.
Now i worked on each line; 1 thwump takes 18 pixels max and blocks all around where they need to be.

Code is so much smaller than the old test. At least 3 times smaller and yet it has more to the old one.

But, if the full view pic and thumbnails don't work, i will post a picture of them in the description.
Thanks for the heads up.
And in case your wondering, fullviews have been broke on NUMA for over a month now, whereas they occasionally work and appear on small, non-complex maps.

How you got a fullview, yet alone a thumbnail is beyond me.

Amazing work btw.


Just got back from work and about to start on it again. I am over half way done, but will not update the map until it is finished.

O, and thanks for welcoming me back even after i said it would be finished a year ago. XD

And i am laughing at every freak out on here.
And if this map doesn't make a feature, will be furious.
stay at the top for 2 days at the least...

howthefuckdoesthismaphaveathumbnail?!?!?! this is unreal!
conjuring ridiculous things from NED i cannot even fathom


no idea what the hell just happened there.

almost crashed n since I accidentally pressed space. great nonetheless.

I remember you



:D jsut WOW.

Hey! You're back!!

it's been quite a while. 5aved as usual.

welcome back!!

dude 5aved

and glad ur back :P

Yes i am back, but because these maps take so long to make it will be my last on numa.
I will probably start making even more stuff, but on dan-ball's powder game.
Uses many different elements with different colors.
So i can actually make some nice looking pictures rather than these one color pictures.

And the window size in that game is much smaller so the maps are easier to make and takes less time.

I wait anxiously

for the full version :D

It's looking good.

And you got a thumbnail!
Never thought that N can be THAT cool.


Thats just amazing.

wow O_o

that's nice. welcome back broman


You're back! :D
lucky bastard.


this is really cool. how do you do it?! jeez thats great!