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Author AlOnE_AnD_bRoKeN
Tags alone author:alone_and_broken broken fireburnscollabs rated
Created 2010-08-16
Last Modified 2010-08-16
by 10 people.
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Description first map in a long time, I hope you all enjoy this.
Collab with fireburnsfree.

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as for the "collab"

awful. blatant squibbles ripoff except nowhere near as fun. the tileset was contrived and boring. gold was spat in places where there was no challenge; just drop down to it and you're done. enemy placement is worse, extremely amateur mechanics involving the enemies shooting at you for like 5 seconds before they're done. the last gauss was a perfect example for that. terrible aesthetics.

That would have been verified by the many IP checks, RF.


Beat karma. . .for now
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I've been away for six months.
Kiddin', Welcome back =)
and dipped in AnB. 4

I don't really like this map, but welcome back :]
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somewhat fun

still not a fan of your ultra-emo name though

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come on

2 month isn't a long time at all...


That was a bitch getting those drones to place where we wanted them. I mean it felt as if they were too close or too far away, but it finally panned out. And I'm honored to collab with you, thanks for the time. I loved the map personally.


Welcome back dude :D