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Author ska
Tags action author:ska episodic featured metanet metanetesque playable rated
Created 2010-09-08
Last Modified 2010-09-08
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description I am wireless-less no more!
Far an added challenge - try completing this with no gold!

This map was featured on 2011-01-19

I love highscoring. I'm just bad at it. Ska, on the other hand, is not. He's also a good mapper, and a generally nice guy.

Be grateful for his existence. He provides us with many things. A deity to worship, a friend to talk to, and lovely maps to play.

This map, for example, is a work of art. The drones are so perfectly timed, the gold is so perfectly square, the gausses are perfectly placed, the mines are perfectly scattered. This is a perfectionist's dream.

So how should we thank Him?

Buy him a radio. — ChrisE

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rather tricky.

Demo Data
The structure of this reminds me of that nreality map, with the stupidly placed gold; can't quite remember which column it's in though.

I'm guessing

it was more of an image rather than sextual... er... textual content.

Good map

But all i want is to see ferox's comment. What did he say?
I meant the wireless router for my internet :D

thanks anyway for the feature, even if it only lasted like 6 hours...


can't fault it.

Great Review

Great Map.


How long has this review been up?

you can still feel the calm here
That's cool.
I know.
I'm awesome.
So am I.

I got him a limo.

Does this count?
He provides me with fresh water and good exam results.
I do that quite often, actually. It's no less "valid" than one informed by seventy minutes of playing, it's just almost certainly different.


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lol Ferox

chill out. Everybody makes typos sometime, and so you do. >_>


pretty cool
the drones are excellent.
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first try ;]
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36 comments wat

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/me is not in-calm >_<

i shall exert my aura of calm over you all.


wow ferox

how are you not a reviewer!? /sarcasm


pssh Ferox

I honestly think you're being a right dick to Matt and I. It's fine to have your opinion. But I don't think you can form a valid and cohesive opinion about this map in less than 7 minutes of playing. But what do I know? I've only been apart of this community for 5 years.

ska, why aren't u on IRC ?



*how much/long

coz its boring ?

lol @ Ferox

"I accuse you of what you meant to wright."

also, I am suspicious of how much long you actually played this map since a NGD is much harder than just a completion and you can get some good flow happening as my demo below demonstrates.

stop being so technecal


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i just gave my opninion of u ....

you're point is ....?