Devil's Advocate

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Author Ferox
Tags action advocate author:ferox devil tileset tricky unrated
Created 2010-09-21
Last Modified 2010-09-21
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description I made this quite a while ago. Enjoy.

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Nicely done. That's among the best comments I've ever managed to incite. I mean that in a totally mocking way, you understand.
Also, it's quite counter-productive to continue being a dick trying to argue you're not.

Also, credit would be required here as once again it is a rip-off

"If this is what you call a "rip-job" then is this not also a "rip-job?" No it is not."

The difference here is that you actually credited gloomp.

Oh, I clicked on this map totally thinking Pheidi had submitted a redux. Never mind.

Resemblance = Somewhat. There are tentacles and one-way structures.
Gameplay = Different.
Objects other than most of the one-ways = Different.
Enemies = Mostly Different but take on different functions.

If this is what you call a "rip-job" then is this not also a "rip-job?" No it is not. So shut the HELL up .

Also, I'm the one with D*** Behaviour? May I back up my statements with the following:

All your maps look like "rip-jobs" if you ask me.

* Pheidi (Pheidi@4F8B67F0.8A17046A.8DA83C1B.IP) has joined #moa
<Pheidi> Ok, so it goes like this:
<Pheidi> Exhibit A:
<Pheidi> Well, not really.
<gloomp> Haha, I know, but the resemblance /is/ striking.
<Pheidi> I mean, enough to credit, amirite?
<gloomp> Absolutely.
<Pheidi> He did it before, too, with another map of mine, but it was way more obvious.
<gloomp> But watch while he acts like he's never seen your map and also like a douchebag.
<Pheidi> He delisted the first one and credited it as a remix, so I'm not sure that would happen.
<Pheidi> And it's cool, I mean, I appreciate the attention he's given my maps and all, but the least you can do is cite your sources.
<gloomp> Maaaaaybe. I've seem some /really/ dick behavior from him in the recent past.
<Pheidi> I'm probably not even going to say anything.
<gloomp> That's okay! I am.
Otherwise, this is pretty good.

Damn it

I was doing so well at dodging the chaingun when there is no cover anywhere.
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