Heroic Epic

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox epic heroic nreality tricky unrated
Created 2010-09-19
Last Modified 2010-09-19
Map Data

Description Based off of this map. [] I may end up delisting this. I did not playtest, so feedback would be much appreciated. NReality required. Enjoy.

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Angel mod! :D
This is a really good use of not only that mod, but the bounceblock mod as well. The placement of gold suits the playermod, and you picked the bounceblock mod that disappears rapidly, allowing more fastpaced gameplay and stopping you from getting pinned. And it's really fun. :)
i take it back, more like...
deserves: 4.1/5


this map sure is fun!!
kepp up the good work!!

deserves: 3.9/5


Awesome. Like the others, this was great fun.

Couldn't seem to improve this demo for some reason... :/
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