The Birth of Tragedy / Supernova

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Author superstardomX_
Tags author:superstardomx_ nreality rated sky supernova tragedy
Created 2010-10-07
Last Modified 2010-10-07
by 18 people.
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Based on a painting by Wenzel Hablik - Starry Sky. Attempt (1909). Its also the front cover of the book I'm reading at the moment 'The Birth of Tragedy' by Friedrich Nietzche. Its quite amazing I suggest it.

For Sky - Nreality required. And before you note it, I'm aware that it is low visibility, it makes it more challenging - I mean, come on you're in a nebula.

RCE :)

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completion. Nice use of the drone. 5aved!
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these things happen. all i can say is i am quite grateful you featured it. thanks :)
My point still stands, I think you should make the ninja's color in this map set in stone...
Also, you should probably have modded the color of the ninja so it's easy to see. I had to change my flavour which is kind of annoying...
I also happen to agree with what's been said on the gameplay...

looks nice

not a whole lot of gameplay.


And that's most of the gold. :/
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Good image, but I didn't like how it was impossible to get all the gold. 3.
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5aved in v1.4. The unattainable gold made it even better, and carving out the lines I could reach was fun and only improved the aesthetic.

This is probably a map that I would enjoy far more in v1.4 than in Nreality.

I think

the key to impressing half the community is a good image.

While the image was good and all, I would agree with atob, in that the image wasn't amazing. It was pretty good, but not really up there.

Personally, the ninja mod was... i don't think it fit with this type of map.

It was ok. 3


doing this
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The picture

was fucking amazing. beautiful and worked so perfectly with the map and mods as a whole.

the fastest speedrun i could pull off
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this is probably the best themed map I've ever seen. I LOVE the extending circle, though AGD is impossible I think - which on the other hand fits the theme of tragedy.


the image work is a little shoddy, but I do like what you were going for.

Too difficult to see, the background is just too complicated.

If I were you I'd try this again and have a search for a similar background but one that's less cluttered.

The images look quite low in quality too, which doesn't help.
but mines are difficult to see. Nice ninja mod. 3.5^


agree with AMLT
the map was pretty boring too - 3/5

True man

I should have taken some of them (if not all of them) out of the map when I had the chance. Thanks for the comment

4.5/5 rounded up

Amazing ambience with this picture.
Mines are difficult to see, i think only the drone would be enough.
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It looks cool...

...but doesn't really fit the game well. The gold and mines are difficult to see; the exit door is partially covered in a random grey blob; the floorguards are barely visible, etc...



Took my breath away

the drone timing was perfect.
and the image was amazing