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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon race rated
Created 2010-11-05
Last Modified 2010-11-05
by 12 people.
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Description Here kicks off a map from me. I held this one for a while, doing a lot of touching up and whatnot. When i was making this, all I saw were races with thwump timed jumps, which is something I've picked up cause I think I'm decent at em. So I figured I'd wait til no more were pumping out cause im sure people got bored of them.

ANYWAYS! I dont think this map will get much attention sadly. Races are quite ignored nowadays...but this map goes out to yungerkid! My best bud here on Numa and great friend. Cheers!

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I've been thinking about a permanant change to something a little more obscure, because these days I can't get the name 'Destiny' anywhere.


Thanks the rate and comment.
When I got the my Internet back a few hours ago.
Must of took a while to make! If so, it was worth it. 5/5 and faved!
regardless though, I'll post one soon ;)
but I can tell that this is well made. Some parts bothered me, like the lasers, but overall I had fun trying to get past them again.. and again :P


Pretty good

The flow was pretty iffy in several spots and the laser killed me a lot, but the flow was imaginative, the route was well layed out, the race wasn't too long (I say this because of it's high difficulty) and the aesthetics were brilliant.



I suck so bad. I couldn't even get a full demo, haha. At least I'll admit it. I was able to play through it a couple times though, and as far as I can tell, you've done a pretty good job! I liked it a lot.

Definitely improving. Though you might want to cut back a little. Remember, simplicity can sometimes be good.
thanks man!
i like your new style.

"Periphery sucks; over-produced" - I've heard very few reasons quite as stupid as that for thinking a band sucks.

I can't stand their new vocalist, I love their old instrumental takes though.

periphery sucks



Oh my! You really are da_man for listening to them! Im listening to em now! Man you have a GREAT taste in music!
i don't like races at all. but i realize this took a lot of effort.


This is cool

I suck at races, so I have no hope of beating this, but ts pretty awesomee. 4/5
I'm going to give a 4. nice work.
I fived it :D nobody really makes maps anymore which is a bit sad


i personally love thesekind of races and races in general.


well at least i got 1 comment lol.
but who knows. someone might find love for it.


have fun!
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