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Author krusch
Tags action all-gold author:krusch chainguns exits featured rated shootout
Created 2010-11-08
Last Modified 2010-11-08
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description Third map for Shootout. All about the gold, of course.

This map was featured on 2010-11-22

Imagine yourself in a sweeping meadow dotted with wild flowers, above you are floating butterflys and even above that a bird. Oh wait, this is just an n map. Yeah, classic and simple aesthetics and a very unique mechanic make this the clear choice for the top spot of Shootout. Congrats krusch. — rocket_thumped

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deserves a 5

fore awesomeness


cool concept, bad execution.

Hmm... ignore that first line (the "I think..." one, not "ammazing"). And put a comma in the second.

Amazing map

I think having more than one submission is borderline cheating though...

I'm not annoyed he got 1st and 2nd but put yourself in the shoes of the dude in 6th place: he's lost his little moment of sunshine because krusch had more maps.

I really think a limit of "1 map per roun" should me imposed, if only to allow more people to have the warm feeling of placing in the top five. However to blame Krusch is stupid, cause he made 2 rad maps.

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So blastphemous.

they spelled ur name wrong

There is no limit.

Have fun making as many maps as you would like. It doesn't improve your chances, however. Secondly, if krusch had made five maps and they were the five best maps in the competition, he would have placed 1-5. There's no limit on placing either.

So cool

reminds me of 99-4 (I think).
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EN - TE - LE - CHY

if you reverse the syllables, you will get this:

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I think a limit should be stipulated in the contest writeups. I was wondering about it myself this month. I'd seen people post three before (maybe people have posted more), so I just rolled with three.
I'll just go make 50 maps for next time.

*triple comment*

I'm not begrudging krusch here, either.


it sounds more impressive this way


to be honest, I'm one of krusch's biggest advocates, but although I did enjoy it and how he used the exits as 'enemies' to conform to the contest rules, I found the gameplay to be a tad bland and annoying to highscore. three and a half ninjas rounded down.


you do understand why this is featured? Because it won. You didn't begrudge any other winners when their maps were featured at the same time, what's different?
krusch has won numa. I'm bored with it now.


the results are all screwed
I can understand why this won, the mechanic is ingenious, but there's pros and cons to all of the top 5.


I found that with only one chaingun I was far too unlikely to need to shelter. Even with two I can get through only activating one exit (this is very difficult though). That's why there are four chainguns in the bottom half. For the top half, I decided that two would be enough as you should be handicapped from the bottom half, and your goal is the gold, at that point, which forces more time in the danger zone. Just some whys and why nots.

Thanks for your comments!

this is great

but i'm jealous you won even though
Beyond that the map was repetetive and excessive. There's no point in having 2 chainguns when in order to pass you need them to shoot at the same time.


This reminded me of the southpark episode where they make fun of inception and go into the dream and stans dad is a butterfly.


i like the review


I'm honoured. :D

Congrats, krusch!

It's fun trying to AGD with as few exits open as possible. As people have already said, really nice concept, really nice execution, really nice map.


Great review.

This is

amazingly clever.

I don't like it

but I almost had an AGD so meh. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good.
at this kind of map. I can complete, but get frustrated with guns. I don't play with the sound though. I think that using the firing up sound helps against these guys for timing.


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yeah, i didnt like it :/
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They're much appreciated. :)


loved the gold