Rapid Playground

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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 collab lukesv playground rapid rated shootout
Created 2010-11-14
Last Modified 2010-12-08
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description This Is LUKESV [] And kyozo_43's [] Collab For The NUMACON Contest 'Shootout'

Hope You Like It!

*BANNER* Shootout *BANNER*

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Good sir

this is a masterpiece. Good job with this, 5/5.


Perfect map to highscore!

Demo Data

Agree with zeedarko


Also, I'll check out the rest of your maps later.

Not bad guys.

I had some fun, I thought some of the areas were a bit bland though. Going for all gold was awesome fun fun and a nice challenge. A solid 3/5 from me. Shame it didn't get noticed.