Amateur Hour- Valve

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Author formica
Tags action adventure author:formica easy sewers unrated valve
Created 2010-11-19
Last Modified 2010-11-19
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Amateur Hour is a series of easy maps with moderately easy optional challenges I've decided to work on while getting used to N again.

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Demo Data

Slow AGD

Missed three drones and still finished.
Demo Data


Fastest AGD.

Demo Data

A bit quicker.

All gold. Who can get it down to one drone free? I think it might be possible.
Demo Data

Why not

continue the last true amateur series?
Demo Data


Sub-1000, and with 2 free drones still roaming around.

Fun fact, I didn't notice the trap door until after several attempts to get through with all the drones :/
Demo Data


It's a fun little map. I enjoyed this a lot. 4
Demo Data


didn't enjoy it to mutch but
mehh.. 3
Demo Data

400 frames faster exact

FASTER AGD (sub1000 possible)
Demo Data

FIRST try agd
Demo Data