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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny hydrojetpax rated
Created 2011-01-01
Last Modified 2012-09-02
by 9 people.
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Description Turned out pretty well, I think. Cave-ish action map.

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I would feature this.


another actionmap

all gold death. tense map.
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Can you consider letting in da_guru into our collab group? Thanks in advance.

i just

slept 3 hours because my !(/ยงยด?!&&@!< shutter is broken
it's realy fucking hard to play N when you'r drunk xD


Thank you all! :D


Faptastic. 5/5
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You are definitely improving. This map plays fairly well as a minejumper; the gausses weren't too overpowering in such small spaces and snagging all the gold felt decently rewarding. I think the only advice I might have is that you spend more time refining your maps. This map is good, but it could be great if you refined the tileset aesthetics a bit more (check out nevershine or Riobe) and cleaned up the object placement a bit - if it doesn't affect the gameplay or aesthetics greatly, then maybe that object isn't all that necessary. I'm quite happy to give this a 3.5^ and I hope to see you improve even more.
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but this an exception. 5aved

here we go..

my friend finished it
cause I just couldent :)
I think it's an agd :)
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but this looks and feels better so
5/5 on this one
alsow I'm a bit drunk couse I just got back from my partty and.. yeah
oh happy new year friend!


an epic map ...
we need more of those